Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cherry Picking Apple Blossom Time by David Greenberger

"Cherry Picking Apple Blossom Time is the culmination of Greenberger’s three-month artist residency in Milwaukee for UWM’s Center on Age & Community. His artistic focus has always been on aging, however this project has a specific spotlight on memory loss. Greenberger observed that the people he met had a wide range of conversational skills, from smoothly functioning (such as the closing track, “Satisfied”) to profoundly disjointed (“Used to Say,” “No Rooms Here,” “Plans”). His solution was to fill the CD with so many pieces, each with its own distinct character, that the experience might in itself mimic the unsettled ground of short-term memory loss. The listener can’t hold all the songs in their head, compelling them instead to stay in the moment of the audio experience. "

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