Sunday, June 13, 2010

Leighton Pierce

Thursday is "a short, quietly lyrical video about the small pleasure of domesticity. This video was shot in 100 foot segments each Thursday, a day when the filmmaker was in the house minding the baby, although the baby does not appear in the video."

37th & Lux is "a brief impression triggers an emotion echoing with memories of the past and anticipations of the future. This quiet communication, a composition of image, sound, and text, reflects that feeling and invites its continuation. This “video letter,” originally intended for an audience of one, resonates with associations that many can embrace.

Wood is "looking outward, this is a segment from a series revolving around the relationship between my son (10 yrs old) and daughter (4 yrs old). Their relationship is too complicated and too dynamic to understand. That I know. This piece doesn't try to explain anything other than the fact of an overlapping acoustic environment and proximate activities.

Water Seeking its Level "Dad and daughter at the water race of an abandoned monastery. The scene pivots on her words:“Look dad,” she says. He IS looking while he waits for the resolution of the moment-- water through her fingers."

Evaporation is "Dissipation, dissolution, changing states. It is easy to apply these concepts to something like water; much more difficult when considering emotion and family relationships."

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